The Big News…

My husband and I got married on the 14th of August 2015. It was only a very small ceremony, with our closest friends and families in attendance & one of the best days of my life. We’re Muslims and this ceremony is called the Nikkah, it’s the official wedding and is followed by something called the Walima, usually a much bigger feast where we invite our friends, family and community to celebrate our marriage. We held our Walima 2 weeks after our Nikkah on a Friday and our honeymoon to Sri Lanka was booked for that Sunday.

I moved in with my husband right after the Nikkah and we had a great 2 weeks. The day of the Walima was a little stressful and I wasn’t in the best of moods. I was due to start my period, so I put a lot of my grumpiness down to that. I had all the signs of starting my periods, my knees had been hurting for a few days, my skin was cranky, I had cramps and as mentioned, I wasn’t in the best of moods!! My period starts quite light and gets heavier

in the second and third day, so even if I did start at the Walima, I knew I’d be fine as it was only from 7pm to 11pm.

I didn’t start.

The next day I spoke to my husband about my periods being late, even by a day is unusual for me, but he reassured me that it was probably due to the stress and that I’d start in the next couple of days. On Sunday, we had an evening flight so spent the day relaxing with family. I know my body so I knew something wasn’t right and that I should have started my period by now – I did mention to my husband earlier in the day that we should do a pregnancy test but again he thought I was being crazy (although he did offer to go get me one).

We got to the airport a little after 6 and were due to board around 9.30pm. Just before boarding we decided to buy a pregnancy test and a bottle of water. I went into the toilet in the departure lounge but totally freaked out and didn’t take the test. About an hour later, as we sat on the plane waiting for takeoff, I needed to go to the toilet again and this time I bit the bullet and took the test.

It’s such a surreal experience waiting for the results of a pregnancy test, especially when it’s not something you’ve planned. To think the results can have such a drastic change on your whole life. And the moment that little pink line shows, you’re officially a mother!

When I went back to my seat I told the husband about the result and I swear he was stunned into silence for at least 5 minutes – and let me tell you that’s not the reaction you want from your child’s father. No matter how you feel about this news, your partner should be instantly supportive/excited not become a mute! That was our first argument as parents and also the beginning of the most unexpected honeymoon!


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