Week 11 – Whose body is this anyway?

In the grand scheme of things, 9 months really isn’t a long time. And 11 weeks is a blink of the eye. At 32 my body has gone through a lot of changes but in the last 10 years I really haven’t changed that much. I was a size 6 when I got married and I was probably a little skinnier when I was younger. When I had my BMI checked a little before getting married I was slightly underweight.

In the last 11 weeks I’ve put on a significant amount of weight. I definitely have a bump, although I’m not sure if that’s from feeling bloated or water retention rather than the baby, and I can feel the significant growth of my thighs!

Obviously everyone’s body is different and women experience changes in their body at different times. When my older sister got pregnant, she wasn’t showing until well after 6 months so I was expecting to be quite similar. It’s been a real shock to me how quickly my body has changed. It’s not all bad, for example I’m certainly experiencing stronger nails and while I don’t think my hair has changed in any way, the growth rate of the hair on my body is noticeably slower. I hardly need to wax.

I’m generally quite good with moisturising, but as soon as I found out I was pregnant, I’ve made a point of carefully and meticulously massaging my tummy, thighs and bottom. I’ve bought Trilogy’s Rosehip Oil recently after someone recommended it but I’ve been using Palmers Coconut Oil and baby oil from earlier on. So far I have no noticeable new strechmarks but I do have a dark vertical line forming on my abdomen. My bellybutton has almost become an outtie and the skin around it is slightly darker. My thighs dimple, which is new, but there aren’t any marks on them. These are only small changes, but they’ve come on quite quickly so are very noticeable and in all honesty I’m a little scared about what my body will be like at the end of this.


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