Week 12 – Our First Meeting

Seeing our baby for the first time, and seeing it’s tiny heart beat is quite possibly the most amazing moment in my life. There’s actually a tiny human growing inside me. It’s crazy.

I was a little disappointed with the sonographers bedside manner, she was very matter of fact: “I can see its heartbeat. Its got two arms and two legs” which I suppose would be anybodies attitude if you saw this little miracle day in, day out. As a first time mother however, I was awestruck and would have appreciated a little more. Thankfully husband was equally amazed and I would recommend to everyone to take their partner along – I guess because they don’t carry the child it’s hard for men to be involved in any great way and therefore I imagine for some men it might be hard to truly be invested in this 40 week process. This first scan is also their first chance to see their baby and it’s a truly wonderful experience to share.

This week has been great for another reason – I got my mojo back J


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