Week 13 – Growing, Growing, Growing…

I’ve been extremely busy with work over the last 4 weeks; October has always been a busy time in libraries. I’m quite used to travelling across the borough I work in and I’ve been doing it for years without any issues. Lately however I’m totally exhausted. I tend to go into work around 10am, and by about 1.30pm I’m ready for an afternoon nap. I’m assured this is completely normal, even the shortness of breath, but it’s not something I was expecting.

I’m quite large for my number of weeks, even the sonographer commented on this, and often people ask me if I’m having twins – there was only one heartbeat so I’m confident its only the one. I think the additional weight is really having an effect on me. To some degree I wonder if this is just good old fashion weight gain, I usually take the stairs at work and also walk home to and from the station, but since I’ve been pregnant (and living with my husband) I hardly do any exercise. I’m always using the lift and the husband picks me up every evening from work. I haven’t been for a walk in 13 weeks or actively engaged in any kind of physical activity. I have however been eating!

It’s hard now to even think about exercise or working out to be honest because of how tired I always feel – but if I do ever manage to shake the lethargy I will definitely go for a short walk and if I can advise you ladies on one thing, it’s make sure you stay active, whatever you were doing before you got pregnant or whatever you can manage – you’re body will thank you later.


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