Week 15 – Maternity Vogue

I really miss going shopping and wearing nice clothes. I’ve managed to squeeze into my pleather leggings until a few weeks ago, and it was heartbreaking saying goodbye to them.

Maternity fashion is really interesting. I basically bought everything from Zara (they have a range of 6 items) and a pair of jeans from Topshop. All my other tops are the oversize jumpers and shirts which are thankfully in fashion at the moment. I also have a couple of dresses from Warehouse that I can still get into. I’m not all that keen on the Zara jeans as they don’t fit as comfortably as the Topshop pair, but they’re ok. Really anything with an elasticised waistband is your friend. The problem with bottoms is that they don’t fit the rest of your leg as they should and badly fitted jeans are the worst!!

Lots of women have said how great maternity fashion is compared to how it used to be, which I can image is very true. I can’t say I’m impressed with anything that I’ve seen other than the Topshop jeans. I’ve taken to buying tops that are a couple of sizes larger rather than from the maternity range. In all honesty I haven’t really looked around at shops that cater for mums-to-be so maybe as my body changes I’ll look into that.

Also because I’m always so tired, I very rarely bother getting ready in the same way I did before pregnancy. For work I’ll use foundation and mascara but on rest days it’s all au-naturel. My skin has been quite good, I don’t get many breakouts, but recently I have been getting hives and water spots, which I used to get from time to time but I think my skin is hyper-sensitive at the moment: another reason for me avoiding makeup.


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