Week 16 – Memory Games

Pregnancy isn’t just a physical and emotional challenge it also plays havoc on your memory!! I can’t be trusted to remember anything at the moment. Even ordinary mundane daily chores that would happen on autopilot before pregnancy are now a struggle to remember. Forget memorising dates, names or anything else remotely important. Start making notes and keeping a diary, especially for appointments.

A couple of times I’ve played Articulate with friends and I’ve been incredibly bad, my mind just goes blank. It’s not really a big deal, at least not for me as I don’t have any other children or important commitments but it is a noticeable difference in my personality.

I finally got my blood test results they’d been sent to Pakistan!!! My sister and I are both “M Rehman” but she’s recently moved to Pakistan for work and has had her mail diverted to her address there. I spoke to the hospital about printing my full name on any correspondence to avoid getting our mail mixed up, which they did, but the Royal Mail still managed to screw it up! Anyway, thankfully everything is fine and all my results are normal. I guess if there was a problem they would have contacted me by other means.

My husband and I also took a short break to Venice this weekend, which was really amazing and very much needed. Venice is just stunning, even in November! We stayed in the beautiful LaGare Hotel in Murano and spent our time walking around Venice and enjoying the sites and food. The flight there was a bit rough for me but otherwise it was perfect. Its so important to spend some quality couple time together, so if you can get away I highly recommend it.


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