Week 20 – Scan Week (Anomaly Scan)

This week has been a rollercoaster one. I was so excited about seeing our baby again but I’ve also been very scared about what this “Anomaly Scan” will show up. It all turned out to be fine. We had the nicest Sonographer, she talked us through everything she did, showed us our babies tiny beating heart, kidneys, it’s little legs, everything We were both glued to the screen. The baby was quite active so she found it difficult taking some of the measurements, but se did manage to do so eventually. It’s so wonderful to see your little baby; it’s little ears and head. It blows my mind thinking that this little human is forming inside me, but I’m so excited about meeting them (although I’m proactively avoiding any thoughts about delivery!).

In the end we both decided that we didn’t want to know the gender, although on the drive back the husband was slightly regretting this.

Other than this I’ve been suffering from a chesty cough this week. I think the weather is changing and I usually get a cold around this time of year, nothing major though, I’m still going to work but just feeling a little run down.


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