Week 22 – New Year + Party People

Happy New Year!!!

This week has been a really busy one with my younger brothers wedding, and lots of family visiting. Unfortunately I’ve not been able to take part as much as I would have liked, as I’m still not 100%.

Asian weddings are a palaver! So much of the preparation is around clothes and accessories and when you’re almost 6 months pregnant and as large as I am getting dressed up really isn’t as pleasurable as it once was. My sisters are both skinny minnies, as is my new sister-in-law so while they were all looking stunning in their slim fitted sari’s and lehnga’s I felt like a tent in comparison. On Saturday night we invited a mehndi (henna) artist over to do the brides hands and also for any of the other girls who wanted it, but I decided to not have any as I’m not sure what chemicals they use in mehndi to get a richer colour. On my Walima (the feast part of an Islamic wedding) I was already pregnant but didn’t know it. My dad and sister did my mehndi and it obviously had lots of chemicals in it as my hand automatically started to tingle. I washed it off after about an hour and while the colour was great it started to peel the next day and over the following week. So if you know you’re pregnant, it’s probably best to avoid anything you can’t guarantee the ingredients for.

My brothers wedding was on Sunday evening and I spent the whole morning resting as I knew I’d be knackered if I tried to do anything especially as I was still fighting a wretched cold. The function began at 7pm and was due to go on until 11pm, and as anyone who’s hosted a family wedding knows, these times are never kept to. We finally made it to bed close to 2am!


I got up to go to work on Monday around 9.30am and while I wasn’t feeling great I did manage to get ready, however as I went downstairs I started to feel really dizzy and nauseous and gagged a few times. I’d had a couple of instances of feeling nauseas over the last two weeks but this was more severe so I decided to call in sick. Thankfully my manager and team are understanding and supportive about my pregnancy, and I know that’s not always the case, I’ve heard some real horror stories about unreasonable bordering on thuggish behaviour from management towards women who are expecting. Recently a friend told me she was made redundant when on maternity leave, which I had assumed was against the law. Anyhoo, I went to the Drs on Wednesday and was told to rest up some more so she signed me off work until the 12th of January and I have to give blood on Friday. Will update you with the results in my next entry.


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