Week 9 – Moody Much

This week was a bit of a roller coaster. I’m not the best-tempered creature but pregnancy really brings out another spectrum of emotions in a person. I’m not entirely sure why, but I think people get stupider around pregnant women, especially our partners.

Husband and I were decorating our bedroom so we’d been spending a lot of time walking around homeware shops. He’s been painting, wallpapering and constructing furniture, and all this is after work! So I totally appreciate how tired he is. That being said, I’m also very tired. I’m already starting to show and have had to buy maternity trousers as my usual size six pants no longer fit. I’m suffering from nausea and while I have an extremely healthy appetite (I could easily eat for a family of 4) I feel really drained and I’m having aches and pains in all sorts of places. I’m also incredibly sensitive/emotional. I’ve been reading that pregnant women get spotting around the time of their periods so while I don’t have this, I have been incredibly moody this week, which correlates with how I might be feeling leading up to my periods. This week alone I’ve probably had 5 sobbing fits, which have been set off by things like my husband asking me to pick up or carry something.

Although it’s still very early, I think I’m starting to feel pregnant – not the radiant, healthy, glowing pregnant, but the tired, grumpy, irritable pregnant, and unfortunately everything the husband does irritates me. Why does he get to get off scotch free while my wrists ache?


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