Weeks 1-8

We were in Sri Lanka for 2 weeks, and I started to feel the effects of pregnancy almost immediately. I don’t usually have any travel sickness but I was awful on the plane and for any long distant car journeys. I travel to Pakistan every year so it wasn’t the climate or being in that part of the world. I felt different. I had to stop the car a few times as the nausea was really bad on long car journeys, and chewing-gum was my best friend.

I wasn’t able to enjoy the wonderful fresh food of Sri Lanka, as I had wanted to. They have a great selection of fresh fish, crabs, lobsters and langoustines – everything I would have ordinary devoured. My husband and I also enjoy a cheeky cigarette, he is a smoker and I smoked socially when we met. After we got married we did buy a pack and spent a few nights hanging out of our bedroom window smoking. He had every intention of smoking on holiday as well, however with the unexpected news of pregnancy I quickly put an end to this!!

We managed to do almost everything on our itinerary, I wasn’t tired or unable to get about, in fact other than the travel sickness and being careful about what I ate, our trip went well. The only other thing that was a bit inconvenient was not being able to use my mosquito repellent.

After returning from Sri Lanka we decided to do another pregnancy test, just to be certain, so we went to our local pharmacy and bought another test. This time it spelt out the word “pregnant” so there was no confusion over faint pink lines. In total we did 3 tests, as it turns out you have to get your pregnancy confirmed by a Dr/Pharmacist as well!! So by week 5 we were well and truly pregnant. And a little scared. I can’t emphasise enough how brilliant the NHS weekly emails are. They are fun, reassuring and informative and I highly encourage you to sign-up. I bought Pregnacare immediately, the first 3 months are very important and I don’t have the best of diets so wanted to make sure I was getting all the necessary vitamins and minerals especially the Folic Acid.


I know it’s not recommended to tell people about your pregnancy, at least not until after the first 12 weeks, but I couldn’t contain my excitement. I told my sisters almost as soon as I found out and my closest friends as soon as I was back.

I went back to work around week 5. My only problem was nausea and that was whilst travelling on the bus, which to be fair would have that effect on anyone who has the sense of smell.

In the first few weeks I was worried about everything. I read way too many books about pregnancy and I spent lots of time worrying about miscarriages (which are very, very common) although I imagine this is very normal, especially for first time mothers.


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