Week 23: 7th -13th January 2016


I went for my first trip to Westfields to do some shopping for the husbands 30th birthday! Thankfully it wasn’t as crazy as I had predicted and managed to go to a couple of shops before settling in a coffee shop to give my poor feet a break. For breakfast that morning I had tea, 2 toasts and a soft boiled egg around 12pm (late night as my siblings are visiting from Pakistan and Scotland) so I was really hungry after an hour or so of shopping. If nothing else, pregnancy has made me appreciate the importance of breakfast. I don’t know how I survived without it before.

This week I also went to Alyesbury, which is about an hour away from East London. I’m finding car journeys increasingly difficult – my back starts to hurt almost instantly. I’ve got a little tempur pillow which I rest on and that’s really helped, but any prolonged periods of sitting on uncomfortable chairs results in a lot of pain afterwards. I’ve been getting a lot of back pain recently, especially in my lower back. I’ve never had any problems with my back before and its incredibly debilitating. Sometimes pregnancy feels like your whole body is working against you!

to add to the back pain I’ve also started to get daily nosebleeds and bleeding gums, which is highly unpleasant but apparently very common in pregnancy. I’ve read its because the pregnancy hormones progesterone and oestrogen make your blood vessels open wider (dilate). At the same time, your increased blood supply puts pressure on the delicate veins in your nose.

I finally got round to giving blood this week. I suspect I have an iron and vitamin D deficiency, so may have to start taking tablets. I’m freaking out a little about my diabetes test (in 3 weeks), I think my addiction to Coke is going to come back and haunt me. I have cut down drastically but I still don’t think I’m drinking enough water and eating enough fruits.


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