Week 24: 14th – 20th January 2016

I can’t believe how much weight I’ve put on my thighs and back. Everyone advices to walk as it will help with the delivery (which I’m still not thinking about) so I’ve been for two  15 minute walks this week – which is very good for me as I’ve done very little excerise over the last 24 weeks!

I’ve been feeling the baby moving a lot more, which is amazing. I want to be able to see into my huge belly and observe my child’s face and movements. I wonder what it’s thinking. I’m probably annoying it with eating spicy food and drinking very cold water so I can get a reaction. It’s beautiful, and well worth everything, even the cankles!!

This week my handsome husband turned 30! I would have loved to go away for a spa break or a weekend escape, but as my health has been all over the place I thought it would be best to do something small at home so decided to invite both our families over for a dinner. I’m telling myself we’ll do something later in the year, after the baby, but I’m not sure how realistic that is.

30 gifts for my very special 30 year old!

I had a meeting with my manager this week to discuss more flexible working patterns. Pregnancy is exhausting. firstly you hardly sleep (although I had one amazing night this week, slept solidly for 8 hours not getting up once! I honestly can’t remember the last time that happened) and if you do manage to get a few hours its that broken and uncomfortable sleep that leaves you even more tired than before. Getting up and having a shower/using the bathroom, getting dressed, going down to get some breakfast… all these things really take it out of me. By the time I get to work I’m just relived to sit on my incredibly uncomfortable chair (which I’ve asked to have replaced as my back can’t take it any longer). Usually around 2pm everything just gives up. Anyway, we agreed that I could work from home for a couple of days a week. I’m very lucky to have the option of flexible working, and I have very supportive colleagues – I wonder how women who have to work longer hours and more rigid, physical jobs survive this!

In an earlier post I mentioned not having time or energy to plaster on my face – well thats all changed! As my body has been changing (growing) I feel as if I’m more dependent on my make up than ever before. I wasn’t big on contouring before but as my already round face gets rounders, I’m becoming heavy handed with my tools. I’ve noticed that my skin has become very dry, especially on my face and hands. I use an oil twice a day on my face and I’m constantly moisturising my hands. the tips of my fingers are coarse and unpleasant to rub together. I think this could be down to my vitamin deficiency, so I’ll discuss with my Dr when I meet her next week.

Every night, before going to sleep I moisturise my whole body but especially my stomach. So far I haven’t noticed any stretch marks – but I suspect the real growing starts around now, the final trimester. My absolute favourite oil is Palmers Coconut Oil, but unfortunately I’m all out at the moment.

Just some of the oils I like to use on my face and body.

I’ve also been having really crazy dreams, like Salvador Dali crazy! The reason this is striking for me is because I don’t really dream (or maybe I do, I just don’t remember them). A few have been quite nice, but mostly surreal and crazy. Considering I’m always complaining about not sleeping, I’m also surprised by this new nightly dream sequence. I wonder if its down to anxiety and stress? I know I worry more about everything these days so maybe its that. 

I’m really looking forward to meeting the midwife next week, I’m also going to be busy with family as my dad flies off to Pakistan the following week and my mother-in-law to Bangladesh! So I’m sure it will be interesting!



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