Week 25: 21 – 27 January 2016


This week started with my 25 week midwife appointment where I was asked to give a urine sample as soon as I arrived and then went on to wait over an hour before seeing her. The only good thing about waiting around in the hospitals maternity wards is admiring the other mothers in their various stages of pregnancy, and also what their wearing. (maternity wear is generally horrible ask to see women pull it off is wonderful). Leggings seem to be a maternity staple especially in later pregnancy. I have to say I’m not a fan – I’m stilling living in my topshop maternity jeans with its glorious tummy protector, they’re so comfortable especially during this cold spell in London. My weight seems to have gone to my legs, I’m in awe of women who have huge bumps and slim legs – HOW ARE YOU ACHIEVING THIS??? My thighs chaff! Anyway, the appointment was fine, the midwife let me know about my recent blood results, apparently I’m low in Iron and Vitamin D, so she gave me a pack of the former but said my GP would prescribe the vitamin D. I also got my Mat B form from her, you need this if you’re in employment and you only get given one, so whatever you do, do not lose it!! Of course the midwife didn’t mention this to me, thankfully my manager had. You have to submit this form and make your manager aware of your maternity leave within a specific timeframe to ensure you get paid on time and properly so it’s important.

I did speak to my midwife about a pain around my belly button, it feels really sore at time and tender to touch. She assured me it’s absolutely normal and caused by all the growing and stretching that the skin is dong. Afterwards I thought about this and realised it was quite obvious, but I don’t think you should take any chances in pregnancy, even if it seems silly, just ask and be sure.

Me and the Husband spent some time on Saturday clearing up our room, making space for the baby. Initially the plan was to change the spare room into the babies room, but we both decided, at least for the first few months, we want to keep the baby in our room. It’s so hard deciding where the bed should go, I felt one side was too cold and the other too warm! We also need to get some more furniture, like a tall chest of drawers for the babies clothes and possibly a feeding chair for me. That means I might need to get rid of my bench under the window, which is annoying as we both spent ages hunting for the right one.

My dad is off to Pakistan next week to spend 3 months with my sister who works out there, so my eldest sister invited us all over for a family farewell meal. I love going to Aylesbury and spending time with my nephew and my niece. I decided to wear a new dress I bought from Warehouse, which isn’t maternity, but I bought it in a larger size. I’ve probably already mentioned this, but Warehouse seem to be the only place I can get decent “maternity” clothes – they have loads of loose tops and jersey dresses that I can squeeze into.

My lovely new dress from Warehouse.

Husband and I went to Spitalfields on Sunday I can’t remember the last time we spent the day together so it was really nice walking around the market. We were around for about 3 hours and had lunch in a place called The Grocers, which was delicious. On the way back I also picked up 12 mini Lola Cupcakes. When we got home I was exhausted and crashed out for a very long evening nap!

I finally got to see the Dr on Monday to get my blood test results. I told him that the midwife had already informed me that I was lacking in Iron and Vitamin D but he told me that my results showed that my blood count is low! I literally have no idea what this mean and of course he didn’t explain it to me. He just gave me vitamin D tablets (3,200 IU) and told me to take one daily. I obviously went home and Googled low blood count in pregnancy and immediately regretted it. I’m telling myself if it’s anything serious the Dr would have given me something or told me to go for further tests. So not panicking.


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