Week 26: 28 January to 3 February 2016

This week started with another visit to the hospital, this time for a Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT) to ensure levels of sugar were normal and that you haven’t developed Gestational Diabetes. I’ve been eating an unreal amount of sugar: Coke, sour sweets, desserts, biscuits, far more than I’ve ever had before being pregnant so I was quite worried. For the test to be accurate you have to fast from 8pm the night before, which when your pregnant and always hungry is quite an ask! Anyway, I did somehow manage this and make it to the hospital before 9am (which is also quite impressive for me!!). When I got there I realised it wasn’t an appointment as I had assumed but a ticketed system, much like blood tests at the GP, we had to take a ticket and wait to be called in. I had ticket number 6 and was called in around 9.40am. The blood test is just like any other, but the nurse had difficulty finding a vein, she informed me that might be because I’m a little dehydrated which is interesting because I haven’t been drinking much water lately. After taking the blood she gave me a cup of Lucozade to drink and asked me to wait for a further 2 hours, still fasting, and said she’d call me in around 12pm to take some more blood. Apparently this is to see how the sugar absorbs in the blood. I hadn’t realised it was going to be such a long wait and because I hadn’t bought along anything for entertainment I was somewhat annoyed. It really didn’t help that the seats in the waiting area are hideously uncomfortable. The nurse called be back in after 2 hours (at which point I had the worst backache) and again struggled to find a vein. She had to take it from the same one as earlier, which was slightly painful. I left the hospital just after 12noon feeling rather sorry for myself so I treated myself to a large bagel and hot chocolate!

So this was the final week in my second trimester and all-in-all its been really good. I’ve heard the second trimester is the calmer/nicest part of a pregnancy, where women are full of energy and have the pregnancy glow – I’m afraid that hasn’t been my experience. Whilst I haven’t been unwell or experienced any scares, I’ve been growing and growing, which has resulted in feeling incredibly uncomfortable. I’m not looking forward to the third trimester as it seems I’ll just be growing more. Honestly, it’s difficult doing the simplest tasks, like putting on tights, getting in and out of the car, picking something up from the floor and even doing the dishes, my stomach doesn’t allow me to get close enough to the sink! The thought of growing any more really does frighten me! Also, the weight you put on your thighs, bottom, arms and back isn’t like normal weight/fat, it’s hard and dimply! My girlfriends assure me this is water retention and will go soon after the baby, but for the meantime its uncomfortable. I use coconut oil every night on my body, and I can’t recommend it enough. If you have a willing partner I recommend getting them in the habit of giving you massages early on and every day. If your partners anything like mine, maybe also gag them so stop any offensive comments about your changing body.

Having not heard back from the Drs I’m assuming my blood sugar levels are fine, which is a relief as taking Vitamin D and Iron daily is testing me. Next week is appointment free but very busy with work. I only have 7 weeks to go before I go on maternity leave which is both exciting and scary. It’s amazing how quickly the first 6 months have gone, and now, going into the final trimester I think I have to start organising myself and really preparing for whats around the corner.



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