Milking Me 

Due to a little bit of snow yesterday I decided to go to my dads house rather than my own, as it was just that bit closer on public transport, and I didn’t want to get stuck outside with the baby in bad weather. As I wasn’t prepared for the visit I popped into a local shop and picked up some organic baby rice so I could mix it with some veg for her lunch the next day. I’ve never given baby any rice before so this was going to be a first. 
So it turns out you need to mix the rice with whatever milk your feeding baby, for me that’s breast, and as I don’t have my pump here I thought I could just massage out 3 tablespoons worth of milk with my hands. If only life were that simple! I’ve now been sitting here for about half an hour massaging my boobs for little droplets of milk and all I’ve managed is about 1 tablespoon (I’m being generous!) 

The fruit of my labour!

I thought I’d share some of my “mum fun” with you guys. Better get back to milking… 


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