Breastfeeding While Pregnant 

At 24 weeks pregnant and with a 13 month old I actually don’t feel anywhere near as run down as I thought I would. So far this pregnancy has been much easier than the first and I think much of that has to do with a better diet and, truthfully, baby A, who keeps me on my feet and active in a way I wasn’t in my first pregnancy. For example with my daughter when I went for my 6 month appointment (or 25 weeks) my midwife told me that I had already put on 4 stones and the baby hadn’t even started her growing yet!! This time, I was a bit heavier to start with as I was still carrying some of my pregnancy weight but so far I’ve only put on just over a stone! 
***Disclaimer***I can only speak from my experience and of course this is based on no medical/social/educational evidence whatsoever, simply my experience of being a breastfeeding pregnant mother with zero complications in either of my pregnancies. If you’re thinking of continuing breastfeeding after finding out your pregnant, then please speak to your Dr or health professional. 
I’ve always wanted to breastfeed, and I’ve been very blessed that my daughter had no problems latching on and I never got any infections. Being able to feed her, anywhere, really made my life easier. I didn’t have to worry about sterilising things, she was very rarely unwell and I could just bundle her up and take her out knowing that I could just put her on the breast if she needed anything. My plan has always been to feed her until she turns two. When I fell pregnant again she was only 8 month. I did some research about breastfeeding while pregnant and really didn’t come across anything negative. I firmly believe breast is best and there are countless studies to back that up. Breastmilk contains antibodies designed specifically for your child to help them fight viruses and bacteria. It also lowers the risk of asthma and other allergies and babies who are exclusively breastfed for the first six months have fewer infections and respiratory illnesses. Not only does breastmilk contain all the nutrition and vitamins your baby will need, its full of disease fighting substances, for example, even when everyone else in my house, including myself, had a cold last year, baby A didn’t catch it and I read it’s because she got immunity through my milk – isn’t that amazing? I know some women can’t breastfeed, they have a terrible and painful time and their babies don’t get enough milk. I’m not for a second suggesting those mums feel bad about their choices, as mums we have to do what’s best for our situation so we can be the best mums, and if you decide to not breastfeed as I doesn’t suit your situation than I fully respect that. For me, it was and continues to be, a really beautiful bonding experience with my baby girl and with the knowledge of how beneficial it is I want to carry on. 
The other positive aspect of breastfeeding in this situation is that it prevents me from eating all kinds of crap and encourages me to drink more water. I know I have to be sensible with my choices as everything I have will affect both baby A and the baby growing inside me. As my daughter is now 13 months and I work part-time, I tend to only do evening feeds so it’s not very demanding on me at all. If she’s unwell and with her teething, I do tend to give her extra feeds and find that it helps. She’s quite a big girl and now that I’m in my final trimester and will probably be the size of a small house myself soon, I tend to feed her laying down. Also, ever since I’ve had the visable bump I’ve made her aware of “baby” so now when I ask her where baby is or to give baby a kiss she knows I’m referring to my belly. She has on occasion accidentally kicked me, but not while breastfeeding, that’s usually down to a nappy changing tantrum. 
I guess my next breastfeeding challenge wil come in October, when the new baby arrives. I’m currently researching tandem feeding hoping that the new baby is as easy as Baby A and latches on with no drama. I’m a little worried about how I’ll negotiate feeding times, but hopefully by then baby A will only have a set night-time feed, but only time will tell. As all the mums out there can testify to: you can plan and plan and plan but with babies they very rarely comply. 


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