The baby shower 

The graph of pregnancy has many peaks and troughs (mostly the latter!). One certain high is the baby shower. It’s so lovely to get together with friends and family and just celebrate your pregnancy with laughter, fun and games, especially in the last 3 months of pregnancy when no doubt you’ll be feeling exhausted and maybe even a little bored with still being pregnant!! 

With baby A I was reluctant to have baby shower, I was scared about something going wrong. However my friends and sisters did throw me one & I’m glad they did. It wasn’t a surprise, so while I wasn’t involved with any of the planning, I did know to buy myself a new dress, to turn up fashionably late and suitably glammed.

This time I was totally caught off guard. I thought I was having brunch with my best friends, and although I did make a point of showering and putting on some make up, I didn’t dress up in anything other than jeans and a T-shirt. I had also had a big argument with my husband (over something stupid like our daughters hair!!) so wasn’t in a very good mood. We’d agreed to meet at a small local coffee shop which I would never have expected to host baby showers, so you can just imagine the total shock and delight I felt when I walked in to see all my close friends and family and the amazing decor that greeted me. 

Some of my friends had told me that they wanted to host a “gender reveal” party after my 20 week scan, but since I hadn’t been able to keep that secret, I didn’t think there was going to be any other celebration. Also, as I was only 25 weeks at that point I really wasn’t expecting anything. My sister told me afterwards that they did it earlier as she was in London for the week, as she’s usually based in Pakistan, she wouldn’t get another chance to come back to the UK now until after I give birth.
Needless to say I had the most wonderful afternoon. I had baby A with me so I have lots of pictures to show her as she gets older and my friends were really considerate and bought her a treasure chest full of goodies as well as things for me and the baby. Although I keep promising my friends and family this is the last pregnancy for a while, I also joke that I enjoy my baby showers so much that I’m tempted to have another one in 2018… but I won’t. 


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