Gluscose Tolerance Test (GTT)


Why is it that you have the best and deepest sleep for the shortest time before you have to wake up early? I've been fasting since 8pm last night & went to bed early hoping to wake up at 7am to give us plenty of time to get ready and arrive at the hospital. Like an angel baby A fell asleep on time last night and slept the whole night through. I had a rough start to the night, but fell asleep around 1am. When the alarm went off this morning, I asked my husbands to snooze it 4 times, the sleep was just too good to lose. We ended up waking up at 8 and rushing to get to the hospital for just after 9am.

The waiting area is unusually full, I think their on number 15 & we're 20 so if I get seen by 10.30am, I won't get to eat anything until after 1pm! There's a 2 hour wait between the two blood tests they do to check the glucose level in your blood. Thankfully I have the hubby with me and so far baby A is being delightful. Of course this could change at any moment!


Have just been seen and given 5 vials of blood (I think it's usually only 2 but I had to give bloods for other tests as well) and I'm feeling a little light headed. Again, I'm not allowed to eat anything, but can drink water. Thankfully my husband and baby have gone for a little walk, which will hopefully result in baby A falling asleep. Unfortunately my handbag and book are at the bottom of the pushchair :-(!


I was seen again exactly 2 hours later and they took another vial of blood. This time the nurse had difficulty finding a vain and ended up taking it from the same area as the first so it was a little painful. You'd think you'd get used to people prodding, poking and stabbing your body when pregnant but the opposite is true for me. I find it increasingly uncomfortable.

We left the hospital about 1pm and as my husband hadn't eaten anything all morning either we rewarded ourselves with a huge brunch, which was ultimately disappointing (isn't that always the way when your really looking forward to food!). Oddly, after eating I started to feel faint on the walk back to the car, and by the time I got home around 2.30pm I was a wreck.

The GTT test isn't offered to everyone, but as I'm of South Asian decent I fall into the risk group. I have my next midwife appointment on Monday, but I think if they find signs of diabetes the hospital gets in touch beforehand. I really hoping I don't have diabetes, neither of my parents had it and I didn't develop gestational diabetes in my last pregnancy, but it's still a risk. I'm going to be 28 weeks tomorrow so I'm excited and nervous. The final trimester with Baby A was the hardest & although I haven't put on as much weight as I did last time, most of the growing happens from this point! Its crazy how active baby A is at the moment as well, I need to do an update on her development, maybe that will be the next post?? But for now I'm off for a well earned snooze!


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