30 Weeks

This week started off much like last week. I felt unwell and dizzy at work on Monday so came home and rested. I was taking 2 iron tablets and a sachet of spatone, so the low energy and dizzy spells really threw me as I'd expected to be feeling much better after a week of taking the tablets. On Monday evening my husband made me a spinach and kale salad with lamb cutlets and suggested I increase the spatone and stop taking the tablets which is exactly what I've been doing since.

On Wednesday night, for the first time in ages, I left A at home with her daddy so I could go out for a friends birthday meal. Usually in these situations my husband drives me and picks me up or I take a cab, but as I was feeling so much better I decided to jump on the underground (I think the last time I travelled solo on the underground was while I was pregnant with A!) It was an interesting journey starting with my umbrella breaking a few minutes after I stepped out of the house! It had been raining the whole day and was predicted to continue into the night, so I should have turned back to pick up another one, but as I was already slightly late I decided to brave the elements. Thankfully I had decided on sensible footwear, so navigating the slippery floors of the stations wasn't too much of an issue and I managed to get a seat on the underground, which is always a bonus. I'm afraid being as obviously pregnant as I am doesn't guarantee you a seat on the London Underground, or at least that's been my experience. Usually people just avoid eye contact in case their conscience gets the better of them.
I got to Green Park a little after 7pm & by now the heavens had well and truly opened! Our reservation was at Novikov in the heart of Mayfair, which is quite a classy joint, so when I arrived at the door completely drenched and looking like something the cat would drag in, I understood the momentary reluctance in the doorman's eyes before letting me in.

Once inside and dry the night vastly improved. The service, as is expected, was totally on point. They offered me a pillow for the chair & even went as far as escorting me to the loo! The evening was the best I've had in ages and almost enough to make me forget how pregnant and uncomfortable I'd been feeling! I got home just before the clock struck 12 to find the hubby had put A to sleep and was knocked out himself. I was shattered at this point and was expecting a rowdy toddler and grumpy husband to greet me. Secretly I was a little disappointed to see how well they'd both managed without me but I was also glad to be able to get into bed without the daily struggle to put A to sleep.

So now here we are at 30 weeks. I don't know if it feels like it's taken forever to get to this point or if the time has flown by! I know the next 10 weeks are going to feel like forever, but just saying 10 weeks sounds like no time at all! I don't think I've really digested the reality of having two children as yet and certainly not dealing with 2 under two! I'm trying to make the most of my time with A, but in reality I'm just to tired and uncomfortable to do everything I want to. It's getting to the point where she can't even sit on me comfortably due to the size of my belly, which is sad as it effects our hugging/cuddling time. I'm also failing miserably at not getting frustrated with her when she misbehaves. Thankfully I have my dad on hand who spends all day playing and fulfilling her every command!

I haven't packed my hospital bag yet or made a birth plan! I'm a bit worried about what I'm going to do with A especially if it's a repeat of my first experience and I have another 60 hour labour! I know my husband wants to be with me but I think it makes more sense for him to be with A. Suddenly we have so much to think about and possibly not that much time!

We're to Wales tomorrow for our Anniversary break, which will be interesting as we're driving there. The plan is to take a break as often as possible on the 6 hour road trip and hopefully A will sleep or be amused with the scenery and her basket of snacks. I'm also a little worried about my back but trying to not think about it as I'm really looking forward to the break. We're packing everything including the kitchen sink into the back of the car even though it's only Wales and we can buy all the essentials when we arrive there I just feel it's better to be prepared when travelling with a toddler. Anyway, I'm sure I'll have lots of stories (hopefully no horrors) to update you with next week 🤞🏾😘


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