32 weeks – 2 hospital appointments and a teething toddler…

Maybe I’ve blocked out the negative memories of my first pregnancy but I don’t remember feeling so terrible at 32 weeks with A. I was still working at this point and was most definitely bigger but don’t recall feeling so exhausted!

This week got off to a bad start with an unusually long day at the hospital. I’ve already complained about it plenty in the last post so won’t go on any further here. The next day I had a sore back so had to call in sick to work. I only have a few more weeks of work left and I’m quite upset about giving it up again as I do really enjoy my job. My work is my connection to the outside world and keeps me sane it’s the only place I’m not thinking about my little girl or being pregnant, I feel most like myself there. This time round I wanted to work for as long as possible, but was advised by my manager to use up my annual leave for the year ahead rather than keep it for my return so I’m officially off from the first week of September and the baby is due at the end of October.

I had my scan appointment on Wednesday and as it was at 5pm I assumed they might see us on time. I was so confident I bet my husband ¬£10 tht we’d be seen by 5.30pm. It was painful parting with that cash. My scan was with a dr and she called me in a little after 6pm. She spent at least half an hour taking measurements and explaining to me what she was doing, which was really nice. My daughter had had enough by now and was crying and screaming so the hubby took her away for a walk around the hospital. After taking the measurements the Dr went away to plot the measurements on the babies growth chart and it turns out it’s actually slightly on the larger side!! She told me that they’d started offering another scan to all expectant mothers at 36 weeks so we’d take another look at its growth then. The baby is still within the “healthy” growth lines on the graph, it’s at the top point so I guess they want to ensure it keeps growing along that projected line and not get much bigger! I remember we had exactly the same thing with A and she was born at 41 weeks at 6.2lbs. I’ve heard anecdotally that boys tend to be larger, but for the sake of my lady bits I’m hoping it’s not too much bigger (it was a struggle for me to get A out!)

The rest of the week was testing as I had to contend with my backache, a cold and a teething toddler. A is usually a good sleeper but this week she has taken to needing the boob a couple of times during the night. Initially I resisted this as I’m trying to reduce her feeds but as she was running a bit of a temperature I decided to oblige. She’s been waking up 2 or three times during the night and taking a lot longer to settle. On the plus side she’s also waking up around 10am in the morning but the unsettled nights are beginning to take their toil especially as I get up to pee on average 5 times a night! The bump is also quite active from about 11pm, which is incidentally around the time A has been sleeping! My life is literally the adage “when it rains, it pours!” I keep wondering what it will be like with 2 and how I’m going to manage!

The other thing I’ve found this time round is that I have seriously depleted energy levels! I think I need to start doing some kind of exercise and building up my strength. This bump seems a little lower than my bump with A, so I feel a constant pressure in my nether regions and it’s also heavier, although I’m actually lighter! Short walks tire me out quickly whereas with A I was going for much longer walks later in my pregnancy and not being too affected. I think I’ll look into some third trimester yoga to do at home. Any suggestions are welcome.

In the U.K we have the August Bank Holiday this weekend, so I’m not back to work until Tuesday. We spent the afternoon (Saturday) in our local town centre and me and A had dinner plans in the evening with my friends. It’s now very early on Sunday and my hubby is waiting around for some big boxing match to begin. I’m hoping to post an update on A’s development later in the week. Hopefully I’ll post it in a couple of days but if this week is anything to go by my routine is completely out of whack. I’m hoping a relaxing long weekend will result in a rejuvenated new me. Hope you all have a great (Bank Holiday) Weekend.


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