33 Weeks – Eid Preparations and Celebrations

Having felt so atrocious in the last couple of weeks I’ve been determined to make the most of anytime I feel remotely “normal”. This last week I woke up on the Bank Holiday and told myself to shake it off and make the most of the week ahead. It was Eid on Friday (a 3 day celebration in the Islamic Calendar following the completion of Hajj) and I wanted to make it special for A. I think my iron levels might have improved as I don’t look as pale or feel as tired.

We spent Bank Holiday Monday at a local park funfair, not that we went on any of the rides as A is still a bit small / reluctant but Mr A did have a go at catching some ducks and won her a little teddy. I was only working one day this week, Tuesday, and made it in full of energy. As I only have one more day of work (next Tuesday!!) before I start my annual leave/ maternity leave) I don’t really have much going on. I’ve completed most of my handover and I feel a little sad about saying goodbye for yet another year. Although of course I’m also really looking forward to time with my two babies (it’s weird but I can’t really imagine what it will be like…)

Wednesday was a really success story. We woke up nice and early and I brushed my teeth before 10am! That’s not happened on a non-work day now for maybe a month!! We set off into town to buy a few bits for our Eid favour bags and to get gifts for my nephew and niece. It’s a good thing I was feeling better as I wouldn’t have had the chance otherwise and they were coming for dinner on Friday evening. My nephew loves everything Spider-Man & like most 4 year old boys spends half his life dressed as him swinging from anything that can hold his weight! My niece, who’s 10, is really into books and baking, and this year for the first time actually asked for a specific gift, a book on baking! The two of them couldn’t be more different but they are both the lights of my life. Thursday was busy with cleaning although I did take A out to a coffee shop for a quick bite to eat.

I must be going through the nesting stage of pregnancy as I’m obsessed with cleaning. I’ve been hoovering, mopping, tidying and throwing away all sorts (much of which doesn’t belong to me!). I’m not the tidiest person in the world, but since having A I’ve definitely become better. I don’t like clutter and having a toddler pulling, grabbing and climbing anything they can reach has made me appreciate the importance of having clear surfaces. This week I’ve been working away in the drawers and cabinets, it’s oddly relaxing and satisfying!

On Friday we woke up early to get ready to go to Mosque for Eid prayers. I’d made a traditional Asian dessert, kheer, the night before and when we got back from prayers we tucked into it. It was super tasty and now that I know first hand how easy it is to make I think it might become a staple of my breakfast diet! The husband isn’t a big fan but in truth I don’t need anyone’s help to finish off a bowl! Sidebar: I find it very interesting that Bengali (or at least those I know through my husband) don’t have many sweet dishes, they mostly have savoury snacks like samosas or something called fitta for breakfast on Eid!

Eid basically revolves around food. So we had a big family lunch together and then went off to the local forest area for ice cream and then back home for more food. My sister and her family came over in the late afternoon (with food and presents) so the house was abuzz with activity, which is always so lovely. As this is a three day celebration they stayed until late afternoon Saturday before heading back. We decided to take a little trip into London with A and ended up near Tower Bridge, where A chased pigeons and then we went to a lovely little coffee shop The Watch House for tea and cake. All in all it was the perfect week, I’m so glad I wasn’t feeling tired or grumpy and that A had a great time too. I want to make the most of these moments, when we come together as a family and celebrate, as they seem to be so few and far between these days. The next Eid is not until June 2018 but hopefully we’ll have a few more things to celebrate before then 😊.


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