38 and 39 weeks 

Final hospital appointment before the baby 🙏🏽
On our way to our final 🙏🏽 hospital appointment before the baby

I’ve not had much time to post anything in the last couple of weeks as I’ve been busy with Aasiya. She’s become super demanding in the past few weeks and because I know after the baby I won’t be able to give her anywhere near the attention she gets at the moment I’m trying my hardest to have lots of quality time with her. 
I was semi convinced that this little man would arrive by 38 weeks so set myself a deadline to have everything ready by then. Early in this pregnancy I’d asked Sheikh Google what to expect and was relived to find exactly what I wanted, namely 1. Easy labour due to the close proximity of my two pregnancies and 2. Second babies are always early! I’m still praying for the former but I’ve entirely given up on the latter. The truth is he will make his appearance when he is ready and that’s all there is to it. Hopefully he is safe and comfortable inside for now and getting stronger each day before the birth. At my 38 week appointment the midwife did suggest a couple of things that can help encourage labour but by then I’d just accepted that baby would make its grand exit (or entrance into the world!?) when it’s ready, and that I have enough on my plate so there’s no point stressing over something I have little or no control over. She did however book me in for an appointment at 40 weeks plus 3 days to discuss induction.

38 weeks pregnant
Trying to be zen about this babies decision to not arrive by now!!!

Physically over the last two weeks I’ve been feeling a lot better with regards to my energy levels however I have had an upset stomach and some nausea. I’ve been finding it really difficult to eat dinner in the evenings so usually post 6PM I don’t tend to eat anything but I do guzzle down bottles of Lucozade which seems to be the only thing that helps with my reflux. Obviously this has resulted in me having to use the loo more frequently throughout the night, but again I’m resigned to not sleeping so usually spend half the night on YouTube! 

I know the baby is engaged as my midwife mentioned it at my last appointment and I can still feel lots of movements throughout the day. At this stage the baby is preparing for life outside the womb and putting on fat. I’m hoping he isn’t too much bigger than Aasiya, who was 6lb 2, as she required forceps and a 2cm cut to get out! As daunting as the prospect of labour is (and for some reason it’s much scarier for me this time around!) I’m so excited to meet this little man. I’m curious what he’ll look like and if he’ll suit the names we’ve selected. I’m looking forward to breastfeeding and praying he’ll take to the boob as easily as Aasiya. I’m anxious about his sleeping, will he have colic and how my life will be as a mum of two! This part of the journey is coming to an end and that’s both exciting and scary as all I can do while I wait is pray that he’s healthy & everything goes smoothly. 

39 weeks pregnant!
Still waiting….

I hope all the other mummies who are expecting or have recently been blessed with with little babies are doing well. I’d love to hear about your birth experiences, especially if it’s your second so please leave a comment below. 


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