What’s in my hospital bag?

Hospital bag packed and ready to go...
All packed and ready for our trip to the hospital

I’ve decided to do a short post every day this week, my 40th and hopefully last week of being pregnant. Instead of updates on how I’m feeling, which in reality is just all kinds of fed up, I thought I’d do something useful – like what to pack in your hospital bag.

In the UK the NHS provide a guide to what they recommend you bring which is actually really useful as its not a commercial company trying to sell you things (everyone from Tesco to Boots to Mothercare also have a checklist you can use). To be honest your hospital bag is like any other bag you’d pack for an overnight stay, so you (mum) need things like: 

  • Change of clothes (really to leave the hospital in, consider what top you pack if you’re planning on breastfeeding) 
  • Underwear including nursing bra
  • Bathrobe/ towel
  • Nightie – the minimum stay I’m told is 6 hours but usually you’ll end up staying at least one night
  • Snacks – labour can be long (understatement of the decade!) so rather than have to ask your birthing partner to nip out every couple of hours you might as well come prepared! I’m planning on taking a box of dates and some water for myself and my hubby and sister will take snacks for themselves.
  • Toiletries including sanitary towels 
  • Slippers 

For baby you’ll need: 

  • A couple of baby vests and grows
  • Hat and mittens 
  • Nappies 
  • Some cotton wool
  • Baby towel 
  • Blanket 

And some optional extras: 

  • Camera (I mean who doesn’t take a million pics of their new born?) 
  • Phone and charger
  • Some sort of entertainment – I didn’t take anything as I had two birth partners providing me with all the fun I could handle! 

It’s quite a lot but honestly don’t stress if you forget anything as most hospitals have a pharmacy in them or a store locally providing most of what you need, just ensure you have everything for baby. You’ll probably also have friends and family who’ll want to visit you post birth who can pick things up, so just enjoy (post labour obviously!) being with your little bundle of love. 

Finally, in the UK at least, you can’t leave the hospital without an appropriate car seat (assuming your taking the baby home in a car) so that’s another thing to ensure you have sorted a good few weeks before the due date. 

Anyway I hope that’s helpful, let me know if I’ve missed anything or if you had anything additional you’d recommend. 



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