Keeping active in pregnancy 

Family brunch at Chaiiwala in Walthamstow this morning
Family brunch in Walthamstow at Chaiiwala this morning 😋

As mentioned in so many of my previous posts, it’s really important to keep as active as you can in your pregnancy. Physical activity early on will help you manage the weight you gain as well as support you in carrying it (think back and joint pains!). It will also help with labour, which is extremely physically demanding and finally if you keep fit and active during pregnancy, hopefully this will aide you in getting back into shape post pregnancy. Before beginning any physical activity always speak to your doctor or midwife and obviously listen to your body, you should be able to maintain a conversation while exercising and personally I wouldn’t do anything for longer than 20 minutes to half an hour.

I should also clarify that when I say exercise I mean really simple things like going for a brisk walk and pregnancy yoga and Pilates. If you’re used to working out on a regular basis, then I’m sure your body is far more used to physical activity than mine, unfortunately I’m not a gym goer nor do I do any regular activity although 3 months post Aasiya’s birth I did take up running and yoga and I honestly believe that these really helped me both mentally and physically.

39+5 days pregnant selfie!!
A car selfie to celebrate a family brunch date 😗

Some light exercise can also help ease other pregnancy issues such as helping with sleep and maintain a healthy weight. To be honest I can’t say I’ve personally experienced these positives, especially the sleep, but having spoken to other mums I know they have. I have certainly felt the benefits on my mental health, and to be honest that alone is worth taking out 10 minutes a day, even if it’s just walking around your garden. In fact this is exactly what I’ve said to my husband post this pregnancy, as soon as I’m able I need 10 minutes a day to get some air and go for a short walk ALONE! 

Thankfully I’ve not had any complications in either of my pregnancies nor have I suffered from gestational diabetes but I have read that keeping active can also reduce and / or alleviate the effects of these. Of course always discuss what you can and can’t do with your health professionals first! 

For yoga I usually just play something on YouTube. During pregnancy I’ve used this link and truthfully (regretfully) I haven’t done any in the last trimester! I tell myself running around after a toddler is all the exercise I can manage and I do tend to go for quick short walks in the evening with the husband. Post pregnancy (I waited 3 moths postpartum  before doing anything) I started with some gentle yoga again on YouTube and then later added running to my routine. I did yoga 2/3 times a week and went for a run twice. I fell pregnant again 7 months post Aasiya but I was already down to 8.5 stones, which I was really impressed with as I had gone up to 14 stones in pregnancy and because I was breastfeeding I didn’t even consider dieting. 

Anyway, I hope that’s useful to you, let me know if you have any questions. I’m super excited as I’m 24 hours away from being 40 weeks – which hopefully means no more than a week from holding my little bubba 😍❤️🙏🏽 inshahallah. 




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