40 Weeks … (membrane sweep)

40 Weeks pregnant
Throwback to our family trip to Wales

Yesterday we went for our 40 week appointment. I had convinced myself that all second babies come early so we wouldn’t need to attend this appointment so was a little annoyed / upset all morning. We got to the hospital and the receptionists echoed my sentiments with “I was convinced you’d have had the bubba by now” and I politely smiled and responded, reserving the expletives in my mind. I’m officially waddling not walking and saw a couple of new mamas give me the side eye, probably silently praying that they themselves wouldn’t reach to these gigantic proportions (2 of them actually asked if I was having twins and followed up with, are you sure?!!!)

Thankfully we were called in quite quickly and were seen by two midwives. As always they took my blood pressure (which was slightly high, unsurprisingly given how I feel these days!) and then measured the bump and listened to the babies heartbeat. The midwife also informed me that the babies head wasn’t engaged although it was head down! I think they could see how devastated I was at hearing that news that they went on to reassure me that its quite normal in the second pregnancy for the babies head to engage at the very last moments before labour! They also offered me a membrane sweep as I’m past 40 weeks in the hope that it might stimulate labour. I had two of these with Aasiya actually whilst in labour and they didn’t bother me at all, but yesterday it was quite uncomfortable and I had to grit my teeth through it. The sweep involves having a vaginal (internal) examination that stimulates the cervix (neck of your womb) to produce hormones that may trigger natural labour. I think it has about a 50% success rate. They also booked me in for another appointment in a weeks time for another sweep and for an induction a couple of days later, but I’m praying it won’t come to that. The midwife checked the babies heartbeat again after the sweep and informed me that a  little bit of bleeding is quite normal so not to worry. They also ran through what to do if labour did start.

When we left the hospital I was feeling quite emotional, my expectations verses the reality of the situation and also how uncomfortable and unlike “myself” I had been feeling for a while now. I burst into tears in the car and sobbed for the whole journey home. My poor husband did his best to console me but everything he said just rubbed me up the wrong way, especially his use of the term “we”! To be fair to him he has had to put up with my erratic mood and behaviour during this pregnancy and hasn’t complained once about any of my (un)reasonable demands. Even yesterday he drove around looking for a Greggs for about 40 minutes as I was craving an oval bite only to find out that they’d been discontinued about a year ago (why? the cheese ploughmans oval bite was the best thing on your menu sir!!). When we got home he made me my second breakfast, tucked me up in bed and spend the rest of the day looking after our daughter, honestly he is my rock and I couldn’t do this without him… but seriously, don’t use the term “we” when I’m having a moment about how I feel as a consequence of carrying our child for OVER 40 WEEKS… I think he’s learnt his lesson.

40 weeks pregnant, husband and wife selfie
My love, I honestly couldn’t think of a better person to embark on any journey with.

Since having the sweep I have had a load of bloody mucus (possibly my mucus plug??) but nothing else to be honest. I don’t think my bump has ‘dropped’ so I’m guessing this little man still isn’t engaged but I’m going to try and not stress about it. My husband is convinced it will arrive on Thursday (40 +6 days) which is still earlier than Aasiya who was 41 weeks and everyone else reassures me that he is safe inside and will arrive when he is ready, so I guess whats another 7 -10 days when I’ve already had 284 days of this!! Do let me know if you’re in your third trimester or also over 40 weeks and how you’re coping in this final, final part of your journey.





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  1. Valerie says:

    Aww, ((hugs)) My fourth baby was actually my latest and biggest, which was totally disheartening as I thought she’d come early!
    An early congratulations to you, hon! It won’t be long!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. the40weeks says:

      Thanks Valerie. I don’t know why I expected the second one to be easy and just slide out! 🙏🏽 it will be shorter than my first, which was 60 hours!


  2. kristinmoras says:

    My first baby was 10 days late. I’m hoping this baby will come early as I’m only 29 weeks, but already as big as I was at 34 weeks with my first! Good luck and I’ll be sending positive vibes for a healthy labor and delivery to start for you soon!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. the40weeks says:

      Thank you 😘 I was honestly expecting it to be so much easier the second time around but it’s been HARD! Hopefully you’ll have an easier third trimester and 🤞🏾this little bubba will be punctual.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. kristinmoras says:

        Oh I know! The second time around is just as hard as the first time, but in different ways. Makes me wonder about the newborn phase too…


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