1 month postpartum update

I had really hoped by this point I’d be in some sort of routine and have nailed being a mum of two. Of course that isn’t the case. I’m struggling with managing both of them and I can’t describe a typical day as so far no two days have been the same. My measure for success has become the time I brush my teeth (anything before 2pm and I’m good!!).

Baby and mama at a local museum
Quick trip to a local museum

One of the big downsides to having a baby at this time of the year are all the colds. Everyone who visits seems to be suffering from some variation of the bug and the cold is nothing if not contagious so we’ve all been down with it also. I’ve been drinking lemon and honey and sucking on cloves for the last 3 weeks but with little success. Poor Aasiya has had a runny nose and chesty cough but she’s resilient and determined to not let it stop her and baby Idris has also had a runny nose and slight cough which has affected his sleep. With the baby we had to make a trip to A&E, even though I knew they would say there’s nothing they can do and to just keep feeding him, I felt it was best to have him checked out. The advice is always to go to your health provider for babies under 3 months as a cold can escalate quite quickly. The hubby has also been unwell but he’s been a trooper (for a change!) and just got on with it. 

Aside from everyone being sick I think I spend the bulk of my days changing nappies! It’s unreal how much this newborn poops! He is on breast milk exclusively and because of his cold he can’t drink for long periods so has a little at a time but it feels like he is always drinking! I don’t know if the shorter more regular feeds are contributing to the increased nappies but it does feel like he poops after every one! And as his poop is still very much liquidy there are days I have to change him 3 or 4 times as there’s been a leak! 

Sleeping babies are the best babies!
Sleeping babies are the best babies!

When I’m not feeding and changing the baby my time is spent with Aasiya, I’m at my dads and it’s been a full house with her cousins, aunties and uncles who have been taking her out and doing all the things I haven’t been able to. She’s a really happy toddler so I’m hoping she hasn’t noticed my absence / distracted manner too much. She’s really into her books at the moment so we always read something together at bedtime and when time permits in the afternoons. She’s also really keen on drawing so spends some time every afternoon using her crayons. I don’t let her watch tv so we have games and toys that she has to amuse herself with. Usually it’s Lego and more recently one of my friends bought her some Peter Rabbit skittles which are a load of fun but very loud as their wooden so depending on where the baby is sleeping we play with that. 

As of last week I’ve started to go for short walks in the evening, usually no longer than 20 minutes. I was starting to feel a little overwhelmed with everything so those 20 minutes of fresh air and “me” time has really helped. Although my recovery is going well I’m starting to feel aches and pains in my joints. I’ve heard from other mamas that’s this can happen postpartum (and in pregnancy!) my wrist is especially painful but I also feel pain in my knees and groin! I think much of it has to do with how I’m lifting the baby, especially during the nights. I also have a pain in my tailbone and suspect that has to do with the position I sit in bed a feed Idris. I do have a feeding chair but I’m too lazy and the nights are too cold for me to venture out of my warm bed to go and sit on it! Also, I had thought my lochia (bleeding post birth) had stopped, but after a particularly busy day yesterday it started up again, much to my annoyance. We went to get Idris officially registered yesterday and afterwards treated ourselves to a trip to Ikea, apparently that’s now a busy / over active day! I was actually thinking about starting some gentle yoga this week but think I’ll wait for my 6 week check with the GP just to make sure everything is ok. 

Husband and wife selfie with strained smiles
Husband and wife selfie – notice our strained smiles 😦

Depressingly I’m still mainly wearing my maternity clothes except for a few oversized jumpers I bought after Aasiya was born. I don’t know why I expected my body to bounce back into shape after this pregnancy, it certainly didn’t after my first. I weighed myself a few days ago and I was 10st23lbs, so I’m losing under a pound a week!!! My aim was to get to 8stones by 3 months but it’s not looking likely at this rate. I’ve not started exercise yet so hopefully when I do in the next two weeks it will shed a little faster. If you have any tips or fool proof exercises you did postpartum than I’d love to hear them in the comments below. Although winter is the absolute worst time to try and lose weight if you ask me, all I want to do is curl up on something comfy and eat, eat and EAT! 




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  1. kristinmoras says:

    Love reading your updates. I’m 34 weeks and have a 2 year old boy, so I appreciate getting to see glimpses of what life will be like with two babes vs. one. Maybe the constant pooping is a boy thing? My son pooped after every. single. feeding. for the first two months. He was exclusively breastfeed too. And as far as working out, it sounds weird, but once I resolved that I wasn’t going to worry about losing weight and exercising until my son was at least 6 months old, I started shedding the weight really fast. Maybe because I took the pressure off? Afterwards I just did gentle yoga. Good luck on fighting colds and figuring out a routine that works for you ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. the40weeks says:

      Hi, I’m so sorry I didn’t respond to this! Thanks, I’m glad you enjoy the updates – it’s hard when all you see is perfect mamas on the internet. This festive break had been one cold after another followed by vaccinations (which resulted in a fever!). I’m so excited about the new year, primarily because December has been such hard work! Two sick babies = no sleep at all! On the plus side lots of hugs and affection so 🤷🏽‍♀️
      I hope you’ve had a better time then me and good luck with your pregnancy.


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