8 weeks postpartum 

Obligatory Christmas bathroom selfie
Obligatory Christmas bathroom selfie

Firstly, apologies for the ad hoc postings of this blog. I think one of my New Year resolutions will have to be to make time to post regular content. I really love blogging, for my mental health and wellbeing as much as anything else so I have to give it the time and focus it deserves. I’m truly in awe of those people, who lead far more hectic lives than I do, and are still able to blog and post really interesting, though provoking material! I think the key is consistency, if you want to be successful at anything you have to be consistent, so that’s my goal for next year. 
Anyhoo, back to me. It’s been a busy couple of weeks with my father and sister going away to Umrah & me having the babies all to myself for the first time. I honestly thought it was going to be impossible and that I’d have a breakdown but it went surprisingly well. Both Aasiya and Idris wake up around 8am (of course Idris still wakes up around 3/4 times in the night too!) and I change their nappies and sometimes their clothes! I have to take them down one at a time so it’s usually Idris first who I leave in his bouncer while I get Aasiya. Thankfully Idris is happy to sit and play on his own while I get breakfast ready with Aasiya. Our mornings are then usually full of play while Idris sleeps. One of the best things about newborns is how much they sleep 🙏🏽! Sometimes Idris can sleep from 10am to 1pm which gives me ample time to get ready and prepare lunch for Aasiya. Also, unlike Aasiya, Idris is quite a content child so when he’s awake he is happy to be in his bouncer or on the sofa. My daughter almost always wanted to be carried and rocked! Most afternoons both babies take a nap. Aasiya used to have two naps in the day and when she does she’s usually in a much better mood. Sometimes she resists sleep until as late as 4pm and then sleeps for around 2 hours, just in time for when my husband comes home, and as she’s well rested she’s an absolute angel for him (go figure). On days she doesn’t nap, or doesn’t nap for long our evening can be complete nightmares as she gets so tired around 7pm she starts to throw tantrums and generally misbehave. I know this is totally within my control and I should always ensure she naps, but when they are both being difficult and my attention is on the baby, the window for her nap is so narrow that I simply miss it. I can rock her for an hour after that but she just won’t sleep! 

That moment in the day when BOTH babies sleep, even if one is attached to you! #bliss #breastfeeding
That moment in the day when BOTH babies sleep, even if one is attached to you! #bliss

Unfortunately it’s hard to keep to a routine, especially at this time of year or if your from a large family like me. When my dad and sister returned from their travels we were back to having a full house, including my sisters children who stayed over for a couple of days. Idris’s routine is disrupted as everyone wants to pick him up and even though he sleeps I don’t want him to get into the habit of sleeping while being held! Aasiya is on a high when her cousins are around, and to be honest I love the extra bit of time I get away from the children to take a longer shower or get my legs waxed!! 
I’m still not very good at taking them both out on my own and the weather hasn’t really helped. We’ve had rain, winds, storms and snow this December! With the help of my family I’ve stared going to the local mall and trips to the high street, but nothing solo yet! Being alone with them both is a very daunting prospect although every time I’ve been out with others Idris has fallen asleep in the sling and Aasiya hasn’t been any trouble. I think I just have to bite the bullet and do it once so I know I can do it and everything will be ok. Maybe during the holidays I’ll take them both out to the local coffee shop and have my husband at home on standby in case something goes wrong. My biggest worry is actually Aasiya, she’s throwing the most major tantrums for the smallest of things and I don’t know how I’d manage that with a baby. 

Thank God for big jumpers and breastfeeding, shopping with babies is otherwise impossible for me!
Thank God for big jumpers and breastfeeding, shopping with babies is otherwise impossible for me!

Idris and I finally saw our GP this week and got discharged. Other than his really dry skin (which I suspect is due to the central heating) she said he was doing really well. He’s 5.3kg now and was really responsive to her, Allhumdulillah. She also gave me the all clear to start exercising again which I’m really looking forward to. I’m around 9.5 stones so really I’d like to lose a stone which doesn’t sound like too much… let’s see how long it takes me! I think I was around 8.5stones when I fell pregnant again with Idris which was 7 months postpartum, but I’m hoping this time it won’t take that long. The other thing we spoke about was contraceptives. I really don’t want to fall pregnant again for at least 2 years! I’d love to have more children, but for their sake I think I need to be in a better mental state and couldn’t handle 3 children under 3!! I’m not sure what the best form of contraceptive is, my dr suggested the coil as there are no hormones involved, which is great as I intend to breastfeed Idris until he is at least 2, but then the idea of the coil is a little daunting to me. Have any of you ladies had it, and if so what’s been your experience? Other than a vasectomy isn’t there something men can take? It doesn’t seem fair that we have to use our bodies to carry the babies and our bodies should be pumped with hormones to stop having babies, and they call us the weaker sex! I think I might just give up sex! 
I hope everyone’s enjoying the festive break, and actually getting an opportunity to relax! It seems holidays are even busier times with kids! My hubby has been struck with the (common) cold so I feel like I’m nursing 3 children! I can’t believe we’re on the cusp of 2018… Seriously where has this year gone? I’m looking forward to spending the rest of my maternity leave with my babies and family & hopefully doing some travelling. What do you have planned for 2018? I’m going to try a year of not being pregnant, if I manage to sort out this birth control riddle! 
Love and peace, 



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