10 weeks postpartum – vaccinations and vacations

Vaccination time for baby.
Vaccination time for little baby

 If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know what an absolute disaster the last two weeks of holidays have been. It started with my husband having man flu on day one of the Christmas vacations followed by both children having a cold and now me! 

Not only was everyone sick but Idris also had his first set of vaccinations straight after Christmas. The vaccination is now 6in1 (it was 4in1 when Aasiya had it in 2016!) which seems like an awful lot of depleted viruses to put in such a small child, and as some of you may know, I agonised over it with Aasiya but this time I just made Istikahara and left his fate with Allah. I’m still not keen on vaccinations, not because I think they’re harmful as such but because I think giving so many in one go isn’t the best way. I understand it must be the cheapest and most efficient way to vaccinate the numbers the NHS has to deal with though. I know some mums who have opted to delay the vaccinations and others who have gone private so that their children get the vaccinations in single forms spaced over a longer period. If you can go for these options I definitely think you should, I’m not anti vaccination, I just don’t think there’s enough evidence to support some of the theories out there, but also I think it’s very possible that in some rare cases some children do have an adverse reaction to the vaccination, they’re designed to work for the masses not catered for individuals, like all medicines, some people react to them better than others. 

In my case, I live with my Bengali in-laws who travel to Bangladesh and have family who visit frequently. My sister lives and works in Pakistan and travels around the region so my children are in contact with people from around the world where diseases such as malaria, TB, meningitis are common so after much consideration I’ve decided that the best option is to just have them vaccinated. I’m also planning a trip to Pakistan in February or March (Inshahallah) this year so the sooner they are vaccinated the better it will be. 

The only time we did manage to make it out during this vacation was to go shopping in Mothercare followed by lunch in Pizza Hut! I can’t tell you how annoyed I am about this. I usually love the end of year: getting together with friends and family, going into London, funfairs, museums and ice rinks, I try and do it all. This year it felt like everyone was sick so we didn’t have any get-togethers, my brother from Scotland and my sister in Pakistan didn’t book their usual December holidays, my eldest sister and her children were also unwell and my youngest brother went away with his wife! The single plus side was that I managed to watch some afternoon movies all the way through and the whole new season of Black Mirror (which is awesome and I highly recommend) on Netflixs.

I also found time to do some yoga and the kettle bell swing every other day. I’ve decided to not weigh myself so frequently so I can’t update you on that, but I’m feeling really good. My biggest issue, as expected, is my belly, I can still grab a handful of stomach! My thighs are slowly going back down as they no longer chafe when I’m walking! My arms are still quite big, which is surprising considering how much I carry my babies, but I can see a little improvement in them as well. What I’m most upset about is my face, it’s still carrying a lot of the baby weight so when I look in the mirror I’m still not seeing me, or how I’m used to seeing me, if that makes any sense? It’s only been 10 weeks and I put on a helluva lot of weight so to be down to single stone figures feels like an achievement already! I’m trying my hardest to not compare myself to other mums, everyone’s pregnancy journey is different and Allhumdulillah while I put on weight I don’t have any other complications in my pregnancies so that’s something to be grateful about. 

I’ve been meaning to start January with a bang but we’re already 5 days in and I haven’t done a single thing. My head is always buzzing with ideas and plans but when it comes to actioning them I somehow run out of steam and time! If I’m completely honest there has been the time, but I’ve opted to waste my time on YouTube or the internet rather than be productive! 
Hope you’re all having a wonderful start to the year and achieving all your goals. I’d love to hear about your New Year resolutions and how you manage to keep to them (or even if you don’t!) below. 
Peace out ✌🏾


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