The September Issue

The September Issue: focusing on me!
The September Issue: Being the covergirl in my own life

There’s something about September, maybe it’s the end of the Summer holidays and the start of a new term, or the changing of the seasons but it feels like a good time of year to start something new. I read that although January is still the time that most people look for new jobs, September comes a close second. It’s a period of reinvention and fresh starts, in the Fashion world for example the September Issue is the big seller. The start of the Autumn / winter season brings in the big money advertisers as it’s recognised that women (who I’m assuming are their core audience) view September as a time of change and a time to reinvent themselves. And this woman is certainly following suit!

I’m now 10 months postpartum and a week ago I weighed myself to find out I was 9 stones. I’ve been really busy over the past 10 months: we’ve bought a house which we’re renovating, looking after two small babies is exhausting and we’ve had a load of family commitments keeping us occupied. Whilst we still haven’t moved in, I feel like we’re getting into the swing of our lives slightly better and managing our time a little more effectively. Of course it helps that Idris is now bigger, moving about, eating and Aasiya, my angel, is also very independent (she’s only 2 years and 5 months but such a free spirit!). I feel more confident leaving them now for longer periods of time than I did even a month ago. With all this in mind I’ve decided to make September the month I focus on me.

Renovations, home improvements,
Renovation life!

So the first thing I really want to do is lose a stone! I know most of the weight is now just sitting on my stomach, and unless I want to buy a whole new wardrobe (I do, I’m just to broke too!) I might as well try a bit harder to shift these last few pounds. I’ve decided to go running twice a week in September and do some yoga at home 4 times a week. I know losing weight also requires a modification in ones diet, and I am trying to eat healthier, but as I’m still breastfeeding I’m not really willing to do any diets… not yet anyway! It’s far more important to me that Idris gets good quality milk and that I’m not lethargic and grumpy due to lack of food. I will try and reduce the amount of sugar I have but September has some key dates which will inevitably include cakes and I’m not going to deny myself the occasional sweet treat!

I don’t want a month of focusing on myself to be all about my physical self. I’ve also decided to sign up for a course at the local college, and since we’re renovating I decided to do a course in upholstery. It’s for 1 evening every week for 10 weeks and my husband will keep the babies. I’m so excited about it, I’ve always wanted to learn a trade and I love upcycling so I’ve already imagined a few chairs I’d like to work on post the course. Unfortunately it doesn’t begin until the beginning of October so the other thing I’m doing to keep my mind/brain active is start reading again. I’ve already managed to complete one book as I was hoping to attend a local reading group however Idris was unwell on the evening so I couldn’t attend. I won’t be able to attend the next couple either as it’s on the same night as my upholstery course, but hopefully I’ll be able to attend the December Club. Until then I’ve had a few book recommendations and reserved a few from the library. If you have any book recommendations for me then please let me know in the comments below.

Reading, books, babies, books are for life
It’s easier for these little people to find books they love than it is for mummy!

And finally, and quiet possibly the most important thing I want to focus on, is to start praying. As you know Muslims are required to pray 5 times a day, and while I do my best I’ve definitely been slacking especially after having Idris. I find praying really cathartic, those few minutes to myself, focusing on something other than me, my life and all my issues, praying always allows me to remove myself from all the dramas and just focus on something bigger. It’s humbling, relaxing and makes me feel connected and at peace more than anything else so I want to get into the habit of praying on time and regularly. I know it’s not going to be easy, but each prayer only needs a maximum of 5 minutes so I want to ensure I find that time. I honestly find I’m calmer, more peaceful and generally a nicer person when I’m praying. Of course I’ll let you know how I get on.

Let me know below if you’re embarking on any challenges or if your trying something new at this time of the year, I’d really like to hear how you get on with motivating yourself and how (if) you stay committed. Don’t they say it takes 40 continuous days of doing something for it to become a habit? Or something.


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