In the mood for Romance, but make it Halal.

What I wanted to read was a romance that spoke to me, as an older Muslim reader. So I was pleased when I was offered an opportunity to review a series of short Muslim Romances for a collection called Ramadan Nights. As a Muslim woman, I know that Romance and Muslim are not incompatible or contradictory, but I was curious how the authors would deliver on a more 15 rated version of a romance whilst also making it halal.

Where is Your Outrage?

As if young people throwing stones are somehow equivalent to the the world’s fourth strongest army, behind Russia, The United States and China. Consider the size of these countries compared to the tiny (and illegal) state of Israel. Yet somehow the Palestinians are demonised. They who have lost their land, live in refugee camps and whose every movement is dictated by the occupying force are painted as the terrorists? How have we allowed this to go on for over half a century?

Glory By Noviolet Bulawayo

The story is incredibly hopeful, and throughout we are reminded “There is no night so long that it doesn’t end in dawn” So although it tackles difficult topics, political issues that are relatable globally, it is beautifully written and speaks to our resilience and our ability to overcome.