Glory By Noviolet Bulawayo

The story is incredibly hopeful, and throughout we are reminded “There is no night so long that it doesn’t end in dawn” So although it tackles difficult topics, political issues that are relatable globally, it is beautifully written and speaks to our resilience and our ability to overcome.

Conversations On Love

Another favourite conversation was with sex educator Emily Nagoski as she dissects motivations and unstable connections. She explains why desire is “bullshit” and goes on to say “I think its partly to do with desire being an optimal state for capitalism. You have to keep wanting things so you can keep consuming

29 Brilliant Bookstagram Ideas for 2023

I know how exhausting it can be to think up new post ideas every day. And if you want to grow on Instagram you have to post every. single. day! Thankfully bookstagram is about so much more than reviews. So, if like most people, you can’t read a book and post a review within 24 hours, you’re in luck, below are 29 brilliant bookstagram ideas to keep your feed a celebration of books and reading