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There’s a new(ish) genre in town and its one of the most exciting things to happen in literature in a long time. Of course I’m referring to the spate of retellings of classic Greek mythology. From Margaret Atwood’s The Penelopiad to Madaline Miller’s Orange Prize winning book, The Song of Achilles. I read the latter…

Retellings of Ancient Tales.

The portrayal of Circe in the Odyssey is actually infuriating, she’s a beautiful nymph who lures Odysseus into bed (what else did women do in ancient times, even powerful witches) and turns his men into pigs. She uses her womanly charms to distract our innocent hero from his journey home to his wife. She is supposed to represent the dangers of excessive pleasure and comfort, and by giving her a story, by giving her a voice, Miller succeeds in creating a character that is more than a footnote in a mans quest.