Where is Your Outrage?

As if young people throwing stones are somehow equivalent to the the world’s fourth strongest army, behind Russia, The United States and China. Consider the size of these countries compared to the tiny (and illegal) state of Israel. Yet somehow the Palestinians are demonised. They who have lost their land, live in refugee camps and whose every movement is dictated by the occupying force are painted as the terrorists? How have we allowed this to go on for over half a century?

Palestine, European Hypocrisy and The World Cup.

As a Muslim women, I’m used to robustly defending myself and every one of my choices. I know that my existence is political so everywhere I am, politics follow, from my home to the football stadium. I’m grateful that politics took the centre stage in this World Cup, that support for Palestine was loud and proud. That the hypocrisy of Europe was laid bare for all to see (or not!). I’m glad that the Muslim world got to showcase its excellence and its solidarity, because its people are from removed from its leadership.

Palestine – Show Up.

The regular bombardments of Gaza is referred to as ‘mowing the grass’ equating Palestinians to weeds, IN THEIR OWN LAND!! David M Weinberg, a former government analyst, wrote this dehumanising quote in the Jerusalem Post ‘If you fail to do so, weeds grow wild and snakes begin to slither around in the bush’ . Imagine if these words were used to describe any other group of people, for example substitute Palestinian for Israeli, it would be an antiemetic hate crime!