In the mood for Romance, but make it Halal.

What I wanted to read was a romance that spoke to me, as an older Muslim reader. So I was pleased when I was offered an opportunity to review a series of short Muslim Romances for a collection called Ramadan Nights. As a Muslim woman, I know that Romance and Muslim are not incompatible or contradictory, but I was curious how the authors would deliver on a more 15 rated version of a romance whilst also making it halal.

Things We Do Not Tell The People We Love | Huma Qureshi

Huma Qureshi’s debut collection of short stories was one I was excited about reading. As a Pakistani women of around the same age I was hoping this collection would speak to me in a way that other short stories haven’t. I know it’s an unrealistic and unfair pressure to put on the author, but I was keen to see myself in these stories.