The Women of Troy – Pat Barker

The book starts in the belly of the beast, as the Greek soldiers wait, silently inside the wooden horse. Amongst them is Pyrrhus, son of Achilles, and now the leader of the Myrmidons, desperate to prove himself worthy and living in the shadow of the great warrior, he sets out to kill King Priam to avenge his father. Once the City falls, and the Greeks have looted it and distributed its remaining women amongst themselves they are eager to set sail for home. Unfortunately, the winds are not in their favour. As the weather becomes increasingly erratic, the conquers begin to wonder which of the Gods they may have offended and how they will placate them to get safe passage home.

The Nickle Boys by Colson Whitehead

The school is just a mask for what is effectively a cruel, racist and inhumane holding pen for boys under the age of 18. Punishments include solitary confinement, physical and sexual, abuse, food rationing and extremely severe beatings at ‘The Whitehouse’, from which a number of boys never return.

2022 Reading Plan & My Top 3 Books of 2021

I read some excellent books last year so this list could be so much longer, but I thought I’d really home in on the ones that excelled, surprised and bought something new to my reading experience so * DRUM ROLL* my top THREE books of 2021…