Checkout 19 by Claire-Louise Bennett | Book Review

I picked up Checkout 19 purely because of its cover, it reminded me of Cleopatra and Frankenstein, by Coco Mellors, a book I absolutely loved, so I felt instantly drawn to it and I’m glad I did. The story is essentially a relationship between a young woman and (European) literature. It’s a coming of age…

Pakistan: the floods, climate change & colonialism.

Climate change is a global justice issue. The worlds poorest, and least responsible for the damage to the climate and with the lowest carbon footprints are paying the highest price. From cyclones in Mozambique, to droughts in Madagascar and Somalia, to the more recent floods and heatwaves, millions of lives are being impacted by climate change now. This is not only an environmental issue, it intersects with social systems, privileges and longstanding injustices. It affects people of different ages, races, class, gender and over geographical locations. Trusha Reddy, head of energy and climate justice at the WoMin African Alliance says “Climate justice is also heavily interconnected with historical injustices, it relates to how the climate crisis came about, who caused it, and so ultimately, who really needs to take the biggest amount of action.”

Oh William! & Vladimir: The wonderful world of books with older women protagonists.

I also appreciated the way the author talked about and dealt with the aging process and the significant role it plays in the lives of women. The many changes a women’s body goes through after childbirth and the obsessions we can develop on any particular part of our bodies, after someone compliments it. From ears, to knees to ankles, a single comment, even by a stranger, can take a hold over a person. The preparation we go through when faced with the possibility of meeting someone, and how age can affect that process. I love reading about women and our struggles and how differently we approach things at various stages of our lives.