We Are Not Like Them | Christine Pride and Jo Piazza

Even though Riley and Jen have a shared history, from infancy, it’s heart-breaking that Riley from a relatively young age learnt to filter her experiences from Jen. For me, this didn’t take away from their friendship, it added a dimension, of love and protection, but one that Riley carried on her own.

The Fortune Men by Nadifa Mohamed | Book Review

Britain isn’t presented as the saviour, rather the contributions and sacrifices made by those from its former colonies, at their personal expense, is portrayed in its sobering truth. The lingering effects of the Second World War, poverty, and the roles women play in society are all explored.

Black History Month

October is Black History Month here in the UK and as such I wanted to share some of the books I’ve read this year, fiction and nonfiction, as well as the books I’ll be reading this month.