Women in Translation

This years winner Geetanjali Shree has spoken about the colonial legacy of writing in English in the Indian subcontinent and this is true for writers across the globe. English is the language of the rich, with wealthy people from ex British Empire countries going to international schools or being educated abroad in English speaking countries. Publishing is also elitist and extremely inbred industry, with the big players dominating across the globe. Non-white authors who write in English tend to be at least middle class, thus being able to afford to write for a living.

A DNF* and some reasons why white feminism is not the one

Don’t use woman of colour to further your cause, to make points in your arguments, to sell your books if you don’t truly care about the plight of women around the world. I’m afraid many white feminists do not understand the nature of intersectionality because it is of no interest to them. Just like at its inception in the UK, it is only about the needs of a few and the rest of us must make do with what they t

Palestine – Show Up.

The regular bombardments of Gaza is referred to as ‘mowing the grass’ equating Palestinians to weeds, IN THEIR OWN LAND!! David M Weinberg, a former government analyst, wrote this dehumanising quote in the Jerusalem Post ‘If you fail to do so, weeds grow wild and snakes begin to slither around in the bush’ . Imagine if these words were used to describe any other group of people, for example substitute Palestinian for Israeli, it would be an antiemetic hate crime!