A DNF* and some reasons why white feminism is not the one

Don’t use woman of colour to further your cause, to make points in your arguments, to sell your books if you don’t truly care about the plight of women around the world. I’m afraid many white feminists do not understand the nature of intersectionality because it is of no interest to them. Just like at its inception in the UK, it is only about the needs of a few and the rest of us must make do with what they t

The Power of Geography

There are more mentions of Fatwas then there are of the Fauklands, in fact there is no mention of the latter, which is strange in a book about Geography and geopolitics and has a section on the United Kingdom. The BBC gets a shoutout.

2022 Reading Plan & My Top 3 Books of 2021

I read some excellent books last year so this list could be so much longer, but I thought I’d really home in on the ones that excelled, surprised and bought something new to my reading experience so * DRUM ROLL* my top THREE books of 2021…